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We are community of communities of churches within a church gathering in common worship every other Sunday as a “Big Table”. We hope to offer family-friendly, authentic, accessible worship that is casual and welcoming, yet remains a beautiful reflection of God and his people.

Most Big Table gatherings include worshipful music and prayer, biblical preaching, a celebration of Communion, and the sharing of a meal together after worship.

The Table Peninsula “Big Table” gatherings are held at the SBC Centennial church building (7577 Wallace Rd) at 4pm. Please see our calendar for further details.




We are community of communities of churches within a church that also gathers every other Sunday in local groups in order to “worship where we live.”  Our Neighbourhood Tables are home-style churches in which we share a more intimate time of worship and prayer and biblical discussion.

Our West Saanich Neighbourhood Table (@WSNT) gathers in various homes, usually along West Saanich Road and our East Saanich Neighbourhood Table (@ESNT) meets regularly at the SBC Centennial church building (7577 Wallace Rd) at 4pm. Please see our calendar for further details.

Communion Table


The worship that we offer to God is a reflection of who he has made us to be.  Though we enjoy a casual tone, we still seek to present an offering that is the best we have to give, beautiful and acceptable in God’s sight.  We are also blessed, as part of our Anglican heritage, to make use of the rich prayers from the Book of Common Worship that we are able to share with a community of Christians around the world, throughout hundreds of years of history; added to this we still enjoy opportunities for spontaneous prayer to our Lord. Our celebrations of Communion (at most “Big Table” gatherings) are a remembrance of God’s saving grace, shown to us at Christ’s death and resurrection, as well as an invitation and expectation that his Holy Spirit would be present as we share in a meal together, with him, at the Lord’s Table.



Family is a huge part of life on the Saanich Peninsula. Our goal is to provide our children with a firm foundation of rich, quality, biblical teaching and catechesis (teaching of what we believe as followers of Jesus) as we walk together through the year through God’s Big Story.



Through our Prayer Walks we simply seek God's blessing over our neighbourhood.  Walkers gather on Tuesdays (once a month or weekly in the summer) at 6:30pm at the SBC Centennial church building (7577 Wallace Rd). Please see our calendar for further details.



We offer an ongoing, in-depth discipleship track for leaders. Kaleo (Greek for “calling”) offers 3 focuses: the Academy (focus on study – the head), the Abbey (focus on spiritual formation – the heart), and the Apostolate (focus on mission – the hands).  Kaleo meets once a month on a Monday from 5:30 - 7:30 pm at Church of Our Lord (626 Blanshard St). Dinner and free childcare is provided. Please see our calendar for further details.



Rev. Lynne Ellis leads our Bible Study Community Group through a deep, engaging study of a chosen book of the bible or topical series. Our Bible Study meets once a week on Thursdays at 7:00pm on West Saanich Rd near the Red Barn Market (unless we are volunteering at Living Edge). Please see our calendar for further details.



We are so pleased to be partnering with some of the other churches in our area to help providing food for those in need at Living Edge’s Central Saanich Neighbourhood Market.  If you are interested in volunteering, please email Jonathan ( Please see our calendar for further details.



We are far more interested in the growth of God’s kingdom than just the growth of our church.  As a small church, we are happy to partner with our many friends who share the same mission to love God, love each other, and love and bless our neighbours so that we may see Christ revealed.  These friends include:

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